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We are a team!  We are a Sisterhood!

We are a tribe of like-minded women, who not only want to get fit, be happy and create our very own personal version of our most badass body, but who also wanted to support and motivate others on their journey!

The Badass Rules was created in 2015 by Julie Duncan after spending years struggling with her weight and feeling lost with her own body image, she wanted ensure no other woman ever faced the same struggle.  

Jules create The Badass Rules as a lifestyle plan, to not only give women the tools they needed for an effective fat loss and fitness journey but also to be a blueprint for feeling like a BADASS and loving the life they live!  

At the very heart of The Badass Rules are the amazing ladies we train with!  Jules and The Badass Coaching Team are there to support you every step of the way in your journey, and equally so are our members! We are a Team, we are a tribe, we are sisterhood, we are in this together!

We understand your journey because we’ve live it!

Online coaching offers more accountability, support and flexibility compared with traditional classes and personal training!

Why choose Glow Getter for online coaching?


Glow Getter gives you 100% freedom to fit your workout schedule around your life, not the other way about! We have over 40 live, interactive, coached Zoom classes every month and an entire library of on demand workouts ranging from Kettlebells to Pilates so that you can workout whenever and wherever suits you best!


With traditional coaching you only interact with your coach once or twice each week at the gym. With online coaching I am exclusively available to Glow Getter members 7 days a week! Got a question? Need a pep talk? Just drop me a message and I will get back to you personally! Each and every member receives my personal support!


Online coaching provides hugely greater value for money than training with your coach at the gym. Our Glow Getter plans, with full access to every on demand workout and 24/7 support, start from £4.38 per week!


Our Glow Getter community is what sets us apart from every other plan! Rather than just see your tribe at classes, you have them to support you 24/7 in our online group and we are there to work together as a team at every Zoom class! The support of our sisterhood is second to none and the key to success!


Online coaching lets you make the most of your time! Being more efficient with your time, having on demand classes available anywhere, anytime and 24/7 personal trainer support is the fast track to success and loving the life you love!

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March 2017. This is where my Badass journey began. I had reached my heaviest weight, I was lacking in confidence, I was …


Team Badass isn’t just about the workouts.
Team Badass isn’t just about thefood.
Team Badass isn’t just a training studio.
Team Badass isn’t just a class.

We are a Badass Team!

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